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"At first, i'm kinda excited to learn about programming, that's the reason why i'm taking Department of information management in Gunadarma University. But it's not really as cool as i thought. It's full of complexity, and enough to make someone crazy. The first semester is adaption period, and i'm on my silent mode due to recent accident when i was at high school. Even my classmate saying that he thought me as a serious person until the third semester. There is not any interesting stuff, just old learning method, maybe that's because we are just "3 degrees". The only plus is it's ultra high speed Wi-fi, but just in certain location.

The first semester was passed and i'm kind of shock when i see my cumulative grade point or IPK. It's almost reaching maximum and i don't know how that can be happening. Because i'm just an ordinary colleger who go to campus almost everyday just for Wi-fi until i know that the point was taken just from my class at certain subject, not parallel. It's like a master gamer playing in beginner's ground, so, no hard feeling, it's just a lucky that i choose Salemba campus. I don't really remember what happening in second semester so just skip it.

The third semester, this is where i'm starting to show my real self, being an idiot, badass, crazy and all other  things, some of my classmate were surprised at how i am. And the result is my point was getting lower but that's not any problem. The only interesting at this period was just when studying at iLab, there was an interesting girl who have an unique face. She was positioned around three o'clock from where i sat so, it's easy for me to look at her. Even almost all of my friends were stunned by her looks, and of course me too. The fourth semester is kind of blur, i don't remember much about this semester so skip it.

The fifth semester was getting worse. Almost all i and my friends got deleted from SI laboratory, just because a little too late. Instead of regretting, if anything, we hold an eating party to celebrate the ones who got deleted, it's so much stupid and yet so much fun. Though, there is one lecturer who got on my nerves, her lecturing method is really rigid. I can't stand with her lecture, but i need to endure it. 

And so, we need to fulfill the requirements for graduating, and that is COURSE and WORKSHOP. I'm taking the course first along with my other two friends. We are just being a three, that's because there is not enough quote for whole class. This course is the most interesting parts of this semester, beacuse i met someone who can compete me. It was a long time since i met a smart and pretty girl, she was my competitor along with her two friends. Studying with those three, makes me remind about my old self who was cheerful and competitive, and realizing that i need someone that can become my goal, someone that i should overcome. Well, of course her looks was the first thing that catch my attention but appearance alone is not enough to judge someone Even the girls in my class are all idiot despite their appearance, so no interest about them.

Mah, although it's a review, what i writes are just the most interesting moments for me. There are many more such as lecturer who told us that he can stop a moving train and it smells bullshit for us, a lecturer who gave a good points just because we serve him a ciggaretes and coffee, etc. Now i'm on my sixth semester, and will face the wrath of scientific writing (P.I). It's a pain in the ass but i need to do it, whether i want or not. I hope i can graduate soon and lookin for a job. I have no intention to continue my study to S1, it's much a pain just from being a 3 degrees. "

Thanks for reading this useless post, this is just requirements of Softskill subject's good points. Pray for my graduate ya! :D


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